October 26, 2014

On my last trip to Africa with our CfaN team, we went to the the west African country of Ghana to the capital city of Accra.  In the 4 night crusade, we saw 10’s of thousands receive Jesus Christ each night as their Lord and Savior!  Many were also healed and delivered from physical infirmities and demonic oppression.

We saw God touch crippled hands, legs and arms.  We saw cripples get out of wheel chairs and cancer tumors leaving people.  Many who were oppressed by the devil were set free!  But the greatest miracle of all was the 10’s of thousands who went from darkness to light right before our eyes as they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

One of those who received Christ as their Savior was a deaf Muslim man who came to our meeting on the 3rd night.  He came to the meeting because he missed his train and as a result, he decided to spend the night in the city square in order to catch the train the next day.  When he arrived at the city square, he noticed we were having a large meeting there.  Since he couldn’t hear the preaching, he simply laid down on a bench and went to sleep.  But, when he woke up, he noticed something was different.  HE COULD HEAR!  Watch the video HERE.


Now we see the deaf hear and the blind see in almost every single meeting that we have, but what made this miracle so special, was how this man walked onto the stage a Muslim who was healed and by the time he walked off the stage, he was confessing that Jesus was the Son of God!  He literally went from darkness to light in front of our very eyes!  I couldn’t help but tear up as he shared.  Jesus saves, heals and delivers!  Praise the Lord!

On our final night we had over 150,000 people on the crusade field and again thousands responded to the Gospel and Jesus healed many who were sick.  After Evangelist Kolenda preached a crystal clear Gospel message, he prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the crowd shook with people shouting to God and giving him praise in new tongues.  It was like something out of the book of Acts!  Rev. Kolenda gave me the honor of praying on the microphone in the Holy Spirit during the outpouring and I was humbled to do so.  What an honor to do the work of God!
For more pictures and articles from each night of the crusade in Ghana and the other CfaN crusades, go to DanielKolenda.com and CfaN.org.
Winning the world to Jesus,

Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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