March 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I write this email to you today.  I just returned from Houston, TX a couple of days ago where we had our most successful CfaN (Christ for all Nations) USA Gospel Crusade!  More than 27,000 people were in attendance over the weekend and we saw 2,750 people make a decision for Christ!   

This crusade was one that I directed and oversaw completely since last July as one of CfaN’s National Crusade Directors and it has been a great joy!  This week we were able to follow up on all the new converts and get them plugged in to local churches for discipleship.  You can read the full crusade report and see pictures HERE.  Now we are off to the next project God has for us.  In fact last Friday was my last official day as a CfaN employee.  I’ve been with the ministry for over 3 1/2 years and it’s been absolutely life-changing.  It’s really hard to say good bye to working for such an amazing ministry, but Amanda and I know God has called us at this specific time to launch out into our ministry and to go to places that other ministries not able to go and we are so excited about this!  

We will be in 4 extremely unreached countries this year in South Asia, doing Gospel Crusades. Due to security issues, I’m not able to disclose the exact locations for these Gospel Campaigns over the internet until after they are over.  One of the cities we will be in this April is only 0.5% Christian and the other cities we’re going to this year have about 2% Christian. In September, we will be in a city that actually has NO CHRISTIANS in it and we will hold the very first Gospel Crusade in that city.  In fact, a pastor is being trained in that country as I write this email, who will be the first pastor in that city and will plant the first church in that city from the new believers who come from our crusade!  This is raw evangelism on the front lines and we’re so excited about it.  We will also pay for this pastor’s first year of salary and for the rent of his church building for the first year to get them off the ground.  Praise God!

Thank you so much for standing with us and praying for us as we make this big leap of faith to follow Jesus where He leads us to go. To stay up-to-date on all we are doing, join our Newsletter mailing list by signing up HERE.  Also, please prayerfully consider helping us go to these remote countries with the Gospel by using the Donate link below to partner with us financially in the harvest. 


Yours in the Harvest,
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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