April 30, 2015

Hello Friends,

Just yesterday, I returned from an amazing trip to Pakistan.  I was invited to preach and minister at three different Fire Conferences around the country where we trained 713 pastors and leaders.  I was so honored and humbled to be able to minister to these faithful men and women of God who literally lay down their lives for the sake of the Kingdom every single day.

One local pastor told me that he receives at least one serious death threat every year for being a pastor in that city.  He also told me that many of his congregants have had their houses burned to the ground and some have even lost their lives just for being a Christian there.  It was absolutely inspiring to see their love and devotion to Jesus in the midst of such great persecution!

Each day, we saw mighty miracles at these conferences.  One lady asked me to pray for her left eye, which was partially blind.  When I prayed for her, the Lord touched her eye and restored it completely!  She came forward at the end of the meeting (see picture below) to testify of being completely healed in that eye!  Also, many of the Presbyterian pastors testified after the conference of being filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit after we prayed for them.  Praise God!

The coordinator of the conferences I spoke at has invited me to conduct a Gospel Crusade in one of the major cities there.  He told me that one of the local pastors who attended our conference asked if I would come to their city to conduct a major Gospel Campaign where we would rent out one of the national stadiums!  This is a huge invitation for us and I am very excited about the opportunity to preach the Gospel there.  It’s possible, that we could see close to 50,000 people come to Christ in this campaign alone.  Please pray that the finances will come in and that we would be able to conduct this major Gospel Campaign.

In just six days, I’ll be leaving again for another country in South Asia.  During this trip, I’ll be conducting a Gospel Crusade in a city of only 2% Christianity and we’re praying for a mighty harvest of souls there.  Also, I’ll be preaching at several more training conferences around the country and making preparations for more Gospel Crusades this year and next year.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to go to the unreached nations with the Gospel of our Lord!  God is doing amazing things all over the world and we are so excited about what’s ahead.  Thank you for standing with us as we go!  We couldn’t do it without your prayers and financial support.  If you would like to receive free ministry updates as we travel around the world, click HERE and sign up for our eNewsletter.


Together in the Harvest,
Chris Mikkelson

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