August 12, 2015

Dear Ministry Partners,

Greetings from South Asia!  Below is a short video greeting that I did from St. Thomas Mount where the Apostle Thomas was killed for preaching the Gospel.  He was the very first person to bring the Gospel of our Lord to this country and God used him to plant the first seven churches here before he was martyred.  I’m so humbled to be able to travel in his footsteps and to continue the work that he started here almost 2,000 years ago!

This weekend I had the honor of preaching at two of the largest and most influential churches in the country (See Pics Below).  Both churches are overflowing with people on each Sunday as new believers are regularly coming to Christ and being discipled.  So much so, that one church has five services every morning to accommodate for all the people and the other church seats 10,000 people, but is still to small for those that come.  As a result they have loud speakers and video monitors outside and broadcast to another 18,000 people outside the church each Sunday.

These churches are regularly doing evangelism, discipleship and planting hundreds of new churches all over the country.   It was such a blessing to meet these pastors and minister to their people!  But even though they are seeing great fruit, this nation is still only 2% Christian and there are over 1 Billion people here who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let’s pray and believe that God opens the doors for us to bring everyone the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Today we’re leaving this city and flying to another region of South Asia to do a four-day Gospel Crusade in a very remote place.  Please keep us in your prayers as we reach the unreached people of South Asia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I’ll be sending updates by email this week from the crusade field, as I’m able.  Stay tuned!

Together in the Harvest,

Evangelist Chris Mikkelson


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