November 22, 2015

Dear Ministry Partners,

Tonight was the final night of our Gospel crusade here in South Asia and we are rejoicing over all the Lord has done.  The crowd grew to it’s largest attendance of the week as thousands of people gathered to hear the Gospel.  Thousands of people came forward tonight to make Jesus their Lord and Savior and we had some really incredible miracles as well.

Two of the healing testimonies really stood out to me tonight.  One woman came forward to share how she had been burned in a kitchen fire three years ago and it left her in terrible pain from her waist down.  The burns were so bad that she couldn’t even sit down without excruciating pain.  She came to the meeting last night and during the prayer for the sick, she felt something begin to happen.  As she went home, she noticed the pain decreasing every hour and tonight she came on stage to testify that all the pain was completely gone!  After she shared with us what the Lord had done, she demonstrated the healing by showing us how she could sit down with no pain at all.  I asked her who healed her and she said, “My Jesus!  My Jesus has healed me!”.  Hallelujah!  Jesus saves, heals and delivers!

Another man came forward tonight and testified that he also received a miracle last night when I prayed for the sick.  He had cataracts in his eyes for the past five years and as a result he couldn’t see anything beyond ten feet.  Tonight he demonstrated to the crowd that he was completely healed and that he could clearly see the lights at the end of the crusade field!  Praise God!

My friends, Jesus is still healing people, He’s still saving people and He still has the power to change lives for eternity.  Thank you so much for praying for us and standing with us financially!  A week ago I was boarding a plane for this crusade, by faith, still in need of $2,500 and I’m so pleased to tell you that just this week, the remaining funds came in and God did a great financial miracle for us to complete this crusade.

Please continue to pray for us.  Our next Gospel crusade will be in January of 2016 in Asia!  Together we’re making a difference for all of eternity.

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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