February 26, 2016

Dear Ministry Partners,

What an amazing night we had tonight.  Last night I reported on how some local people from another religion were causing some problems and were trying to sabotage one of our vans (read yesterday’s report HERE) and we experienced some spiritual warfare.  Tonight, many people were able to come and the tent was full again with many new people.  

I preached a clear message of salvation and urged the people to come to Jesus and as a result, the altar was completely full!  The majority of the crowd came forward and some started coming forward even before I gave the altar call.  Jesus is moving and saving souls here in South Asia.

After the prayer for salvation, I began to pray for the people to be healed and God moved in great power!  Demons started manifesting and at least three people were set free from demonic possession.  

Also, many other incredible miracles took place.  See testimonies below:

  • A woman’s arm had been in pain for two years and tonight she could lift it freely without any pain.  
  • A woman who had a deaf right ear for two years was completely healed.
  • One young woman had a headache and was vomiting for two weeks and was healed tonight; her mother came to testify as well.
  • A man with a tumor the size of a baseball on his head was healed.  I actually felt the tumor disappearing under my hand.
  • Also, our crusade director was healed today from a severe fever at the crusade!

We thank God for all He has done here tonight!  Tomorrow is the final night of the crusade and on Sunday we will hold the very fist church service in this district and we will introduce all the new believers to their pastor.  

Please continue to pray as we spread the love and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in South Asia.

Together in the Harvest, 
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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