May 28, 2016

Dear Ministry Partners,

Today was the last day of the Pastors and Leaders Fire Conference and we had a powerful day.  I preached on the baptism into the Holy Spirit and prayed for everyone to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit and many received in Jesus’ name.  I don’t have the total numbers yet, but we trained well over 1,000 pastors and leaders from around the country this week.  To God be the Glory!

It’s such an honor for me to teach these precious Pastors and Leaders, many of whom have no formal training whatsoever.  These leaders are threatened for their faith on an annual basis and many can tell you stories of their friends, family or colleagues who have paid the ultimate price for their faith in Jesus.  Sometimes I wonder if they should be teaching me how to live for Jesus.  They are true heroes in the faith.

Tonight’s crusade was another amazing night!  God saved thousands of people as they came forward to make Jesus Christ their Messiah – their Lord and Savior!  Tomorrow is the final night and we’re expecting amazing things.  Please continue to pray for God’s protection and for the Gospel to go forward unhindered.

Also, please check out my very raw video (below) from the crusade.  Hope you enjoy!

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson and team




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