August 6, 2016

Dear Ministry Partners,

Last night was the first night of our Gospel Crusade here in Central Minnesota and God showed up in saving power! This city is twenty miles from the city I grew up in and was a city I lived in before I returned to Christ ten years ago. It was so amazing to be able to come back and preach the Gospel to some of the people I used to hang out with when I wasn’t saved.

After a time of incredible worship led by Matt Gilman from IHOP KC and his team, I preached a crystal clear Gospel message and shared my testimony of how I came to Christ. Dozens of people responded to the Gospel and the altar was full of people, young and old, coming forward to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior! Then I prayed for the sick and miracles started happening all over the room. Many came and testified of how the Lord had healed them and others came up to me after the service expressing how they had also been healed.

Here are a few of the testimonies we heard from stage last night (see photos below):

  • A man who had severe pain in his leg for over a year and couldn’t walk without his cane was completely healed last night. He walked across the stage showing everyone God had healed him.
  • A woman who was in a bad car accident last week was healed of the abdominal pain she incurred from the accident.
  • A woman who had constant stomach pain for the past six years was completely healed tonight.
  • A woman was healed of pain in her legs that she had for the past 24 four years that resulted from several bad accidents.
  • Several people came forward testifying that they had been healed of asthma
  • My nephew Noah who was in attendance tonight also received a healing in his leg from a car accident he was in three years ago. He ran across the stage without any pain and testified that Jesus had completely healed him

We’re praising God for what he has done so far and praying for another great night tonight. Please continue to pray for others to be saved tonight and for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit tonight!

God bless you,

Evangelist Chris Mikkelson










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