November 10, 2016

Dear Friend,
Tonight was the first night of our crusade here in South Asia and we had a wonderful first night.  More than three thousand gathered to hear the Gospel tonight — the majority of whom have never heard it before.  The region we’re in is very remote and unreached.  I was told by the local pastors that there has never been a Gospel campaign in this city before tonight.  Although most of these precious people have never heard the Gospel before, they came forward with eager anticipation to receive Jesus Christ, “the one true God,” as their Lord and Savior.
We also had some wonderful testimonies tonight of people who were healed when we prayed for the sick.  A young girl was healed of throat pain that she had for one week.  She said she had it when she arrived tonight, but it went away as soon as we started praying.  Her father testified that her pain was so bad, she could’t swallow at all.  We asked her to drink some water and with a bright smile she said, “There’s no pain!  Jesus has healed me!”.  Praise God.Here are some other notable miracles that took place here tonight:

  • A man with burning pain in his chest for several months, was healed tonight.  He went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor told him there was nothing he could do for him .  I’m thankful we serve a God who is the “Great Physician” and has the answer to cure every disease!
  • A man had a fever for the past two weeks used all the medicine the doctors gave him and was still suffering with no release of the fever.  But, once he received prayer tonight, the fever left him and he praised God that Jesus had healed him.
  • A hindu women, from a hindu family received Christ tonight and after the prayer for the sick she noticed she was healed of chronic pain she had for the past four months.  The pain was so bad, she couldn’t stand, walk or even raise her hands.  Tonight Jesus saved her, healed her and set her free from all the pain!
  •  An elderly man who had trouble hearing clearly for the past six years was healed tonight and can now hear clearly.

Many other miracles took place tonight, but we rejoice over the greatest miracle of all, the miracle of salvation.  Thank you for sending us to the unreached nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We couldn’t do it without our precious partners like you who stand with us in prayer and financial support.  Together, we’re reaping the harvest among the unreached people of this world.

Stay tuned for another update tomorrow night and continue to pray for this crusade.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson





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