January 16, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner,
The crusade tent is going up again this week in South Asia for our next Gospel crusade!  In just one week, I will be leaving the USA with our small team to the mountainous region of South Asia where we will conduct our next Gospel crusade.  Will you please pray for us and this crusade as we draw near? 
We will again be going to a very unreached village of just a few thousand people.  This village is extremely unreached, in fact the village only has one church (an Assembly of God Church) and they only have a few families who attend and are struggling to evangelize the region.  We’re working together with them to see this region shaken with the Gospel and for many to be saved, healed, delivered and discipled in Jesus name!
Would you please stand with us in prayer for the following?
  • Pray that there would be no complications for our advance team on the ground there
  • Pray for good weather and clear roads
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw all to the crusade and to salvation
  • Pray for healing, deliverance, signs and wonders to confirm the message of the Gospel
  • Pray for favor with local officials
  • Pray for no persecution from other religions in the area. The last two times we were in this area, the local religious leaders from another religion tried to stop the crusade by getting the police involved and by trying to sabotage one of our buses that were picking up the poor people. In each case God prevailed and the Gospel went forward unhindered, but please pray for another smooth crusade
  • Pray for our protection as we travel and for our families back home 


Thank you for standing with us through your prayers and finances as we travel to the most remote parts of the world spreading the love of the Father and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who’ve never heard it before.

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God bless you!
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

P.S. watch us LIVE on GodTV with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on his show “Good News” the week of February 6-10 at 7PM nightly. Details below.

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Watch us LIVE on GodTV February 6-10 at 7PM on the “Good News” show with Daniel Kolenda.  Click HERE for more information about how you can watch it live in your region or live online.















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