January 25, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner,

Greetings from the remote mountains of South Asia!  I just arrived yesterday on an island in the Laccadive Sea in South Asia where we’re holding our Gospel crusade this week.  After driving over four hours into the mountains, we finally made it to our hotel and then today we had another one hour drive to the crusade field for the first crusade meeting and it was amazing!

Tonight more than 700 people from this remote and unreached village came to the crusade to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and over half of the crowd responded to the Gospel message and the call for salvation. (see pictures below)  Praise God!  The majority of these people are very poor and have no cell phones, no internet, no television and no access to the Gospel other than us coming here and preaching it to them.  It’s an absolute joy to be the very first person to tell them about the most amazing person to ever walk the earth — Jesus!

We are seeing the power of God in action in this remote village and tonight we had many miracles confirm the Gospel message.  During the prayer for the sick, I received two words of knowledge about people being healed and both of those individuals were in attendance and were healed after we prayed for them.

Many other healings took place as well.  One that really stands out to me is of a boy whose father told me that his son had a brain condition that was the result of a doctor giving him the wrong medication and it resulted in his son loosing all memory in his mind.  After praying, Jesus completely healed this boy’s mind and he could remember things he hadn’t been able to remember for a very long time.  His father and I rejoiced together at what the Lord had done!

Please continue to pray for this crusade and for many more people to come to the meetings and hear the gospel message for the first time.

Also, please pray for us to continue to raise the needed support for these Gospel crusades.  We have a great vision for this year and we’re wanting to see this Gospel message continue to go into the most unreached places, where evangelists have never been before.

Thank you and God bless you!  (see pictures from tonight below)

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

P.S. watch us LIVE on GodTV with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on his show “Good News” the week of February 6-10 at 7PM nightly.  Details below.




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Watch us LIVE on GodTV February 6-10 at 7PM on the “Good News” show with Daniel Kolenda.  Click HERE for more information about how you can watch it live in your region or live online.



















Watch and share our Harvest Team video from the harvest fields of South Asia below:









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