January 27, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner,

I just returned from the crusade field tonight and I am completely overwhelmed with joy at what took place at our crusade in South Asia.  Tonight the crowd continued to grow in great numbers, despite the rain which normally hinders crowd attendance.  As I preached the Gospel message, it seemed as though the people were hanging on to every word I said with faith and anticipation.  It was as if every word I said was being held on to as they sat on the edge of their chairs.  

Tonight’s message was a crystal clear Gospel message, challenging the people to turn from all other god’s and turn only to Jesus for salvation and redemption.  When I made the altar call for salvation, the response was overwhelming.  Our ushers had to remove several rows of chairs at the front of the crowd just to make room for all the people who came forward to receive Jesus.  

After the prayer for salvation, I prayed for the sick and all of heaven broke loose.  Demons started manifesting and healings were taking place all over in the tent.  In fact, it took me one hour just to interview all the people who had experienced a genuine healing tonight.  There were so many testimonies it’s actually hard to remember but here are a few I can remember:

  • A golf ball sized tumor vanished from a one year old baby girl tonight 
  • A boy who couldn’t run due to pain in his leg for one year was healed and ran and jumped off the stage pain free 
  • A man that I prayed for at the end of the night last night, testified that his crippled leg was healed and he walked perfectly.  I also prayed for his blind eye and showed everyone he could now see completely clearly out of that eye tonight
  • A woman who was tormented by an evil spirit for many years received prayer tonight and was completely set free.  The evil spirit told me it was a hindu goddess that wanted to kill her, but tonight Jesus set her free and as a result of her deliverance, she and all her family received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior!
  • There were at least half a dozen people that testified tonight of demons being cast out of them
  • And many others testified of pain leaving their bodies and various other healings also took place.  Praise God!

I honestly could write a small book about the service tonight, but the main thing we experienced tonight was Jesus.  Oh how I love Thee Jesus.  He who heals, delivers, saves and gives us new life.  Thank you Jesus!

Tomorrow night is the last night of the crusade.  Please continue to pray for more people to experience Jesus and receive the new life Christ offers to all who believe. 
(Pictures from tonight are below)

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

P.S. watch us LIVE on GodTV with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on his show “Good News” the week of February 6-10 at 7PM nightly.  Details below.





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Watch us LIVE on GodTV February 6-10 at 7PM on the “Good News” show with Daniel Kolenda.  Click HERE for more information about how you can watch it live in your region or live online.

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