January 28, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner, 

Tonight was the fourth and final night of the Gospel crusade here in the remote village of South Asia.  God has poured out His Spirit in this village and hundreds have come to Christ in a country that’s less than 2% Christianity.  Tonight more than 1,000 people packed the tent to hear the Gospel.  In fact there weren’t nearly enough seats for everyone, but the men let the women sit down in the chairs and the men stood around the parameter listening intently.  

After a crystal clear Gospel message, hundreds flooded the altars to receive Christ.  Then I prayed for everyone to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit and demons started manifesting and many were also healed as a result of the time of prayer.  

Tomorrow morning, I will have the privilege of baptizing all the new believers at the church service.  We’re expecting a huge percentage of those who came to Christ to attend the service tomorrow and be baptized.

Thank you for sending us to the unreached nations!  It is with your generous gifts that we are able to reach the most unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In just a couple months we will be going to a very difficult country to preach the Gospel.  One that I can’t share with you online, but we’re expecting close to 50,000 people to attend our crusade in a country that is 96.4% Muslim and we’re expecting thousands to come to Christ.  

Please pray and consider supporting this crusade financially if the Lord leads you to.  We’re in need of the first $10,000 in the next couple of weeks and your gift of any amount will help us in a major way to bring the Gospel to these people.  Thank you for your consideration!

Be on the look out for pictures from the baptism and church service tomorrow on this blog and on our Facebook page HERE.  We love you and thank you for your prayers and financial support!  

(View pictures from tonight’s crusade below)

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson





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Watch us LIVE on GodTV February 6-10 at 7PM on the “Good News” show with Daniel Kolenda.  Click HERE for more information about how you can watch it live in your region or live online.


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