April 26, 2017

Dear Ministry Partner,

Tonight was just awesome! I apologize for the long email, but God is doing so many amazing things here it’s hard to not share everything with you.  

Tonight was the first night of ministry here in South Asia and my second day in the country. Yesterday I taped a TV show on the first Christian television network in this country that reaches 80% of the homes in this country. I’m told that many millions of people from other religions in this country watch the program because some people are sometimes afraid to go to Christian events or because they are curious about the Christian faith.  This country is known around the world for it’s persecution against Christians, but I have good news, Jesus is moving here in this country and I’m so honored and humbled that the Lord would put our ministry in a position to reach the masses with the only message that can bring real change and hope to people — the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

All week this week, we will be conducting different Gospel events in different locations due to security reasons, with the largest Gospel event happening on Friday night.  Since the word “crusade” has a different meaning in this part of the world than in America, we’re promoting these meetings as healing meetings or “Prayer Festivals”, but the service stays the same.

Tonight I preached at a meeting in one of the major cities in this country. (Pictures below)  It’s a regular weekly service that thousands of people attend from all over the country.  It’s widely promoted that those who come, should only come once, so that others can attend who have never attended before. At first that didn’t make sense, but once we got there it all made sense.  This field is the only field the government will allow this church to use on a weekly basis and seating is limited.  Many in attendance tonight came from all over the country just to be here. 

Tonight the field was packed beyond capacity with thousands of non believers and some believers on the field also and thousands more in overflow halls.  Even the streets outside were also packed with listeners.  Some people were even sitting in trees and on rooftops to get a view of the service and many could hear for blocks in every direction.  I’m told by the locals that in all, around 20-25,000 people were in attendance tonight on the field and in the streets and overflow halls…it was absolutely packed beyond capacity.  There were also millions of people watching around the world LIVE on TV in 72 different nations. 

I preached a crystal clear Gospel message and made a clear call for salvation, inviting only those who have NEVER received Jesus Christ before to stand to their feet.  To my surprise, at least 70% of the people stood to their feet, many with tears streaming down their face receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  Hallelujah!  Jesus is so wonderful.

After the altar call for salvation, I prayed for the sick and many testified of being healed of paralysis, back pain, kidney issues and all sorts of pain and diseases.  In fact, one lady had a tumor in her chest and for a long time had people telling her to go to the witch doctors and use black magic to be healed. Instead she came to the meeting tonight and after the prayer for the sick, the tumor and the pain disappeared in Jesus’ name!

I wish I had time to share all the testimonies and more specifics with you, but if you’re interested in watching the service, you can go to my Facebook page and watch the Facebook Live recording here: http://bit.ly/2oNzrPW.

Thank you so much for standing with us in the harvest.  Together we’re seeing the nations shaken with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I’m honored and blessed that you would partner with us in the Great Commission around the world.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson



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