April 28, 2017


Dear Ministry Partner,

Tonight was a night of miracles. Of course I firmly believe and always let the people know that the greatest miracle of all is the miracle of salvation! There’s no greater thing that can ever happen than for a person to be born again. And tonight thousands and thousands of people gave their lives to Jesus Christ!  (Watch a highlight video of the service tonight below)

Tonight, when I made the altar call for salvation, everyone was sitting down. I told the people, “If you have NEVER received Jesus Christ before and you want to receive Him tonight, I want you to stand”. To my amazement, over 70% of the crowd stood to their feet. Hallelujah! In fact, I was so shocked, I told the people again to sit down if they’ve received Jesus Christ at a previous time and still, they all stood there looking at me, knowing they where making this decision for the very first time! Praise the Lord! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

After the altar call for salvation, I prayed for the sick and there was such a tangible presence of God. As I started praying, Jesus started healing people all over the field. Actually there were so many people who wanted to share their testimonies tonight and we couldn’t take all of the testimonies because we had to close the meeting down by a certain time. However, we chose some of the first people to come forward to share their testimonies before time ran out.

Hear are a few of the healing testimonies from tonight:

  • A woman who was paralyzed in the right leg for the past month and couldn’t walk was healed tonight.  We walked together back and forth on the stage and she had no symptoms of pain or discomfort.  She said she was completely healed.
  • A man with a vision problem who wasn’t able to read was healed
  • A woman was paralyzed in the arm for the past six years from a stroke and tonight she was completely healed
  • A woman with a vision problem for the past six months was healed and could see clearly
  • A woman was paralyzed for the past 8 years in her arm.  She couldn’t use it at all, but tonight she was completely healed
  • A woman with pain in the knee for the past 5 years was healed tonight
  • A woman with major pain in her back for the past 3 months was healed tonight
  • A woman with pain all over her body for the past 6 months was healed
  • A woman with such bad eyes that she couldn’t read was healed tonight and now she can read clearly. She was so thankful that she just cried and cried thanking Jesus for healing her.
  • …and so many more!


We thank Jesus for healing all these people and for saving so many souls tonight. Jesus is amazing and I’m so humbled to be able to share His story around the world. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the unreached and fulfill the Great Commission! Please continue to pray for us and for the new believers as they will now be ushered into the follow up system to be discipled by the local pastors. On Sunday, I’m preaching at the largest church in this country which draws many unreached people who come to receive healing.  We’re praying for God to continue to move in a powerful way.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

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