October 10, 2017

Dear Missions Partners,

It is with great joy that I share the final decision count with you from our last Gospel campaign in Pakistan
. Our advance team in country has followed up with the 500+ churches that participated and are now doing follow up with all the new believers and the report is in 
 71,493 people made first-time decisions for Jesus Christ over 4 services in 4 different cities on this trip! — Hallelujah!

We are so in awe of Jesus and what He has done and we are rejoicing together with all of heaven for those who have now been added to the family of God and the kingdom of heaven. Praise God!

Please pray for all these new believers, for their protection, for their new relationship with Jesus, for their discipleship and for all the pastors and church leaders who are working to follow up with them. God is moving in this country and we are so excited to be a small part of what He is doing there. By God’s grace, we plan to go back to this country several more times next year and see hundreds of thousands come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for us as we go back to another country in South Asia in just three weeks for our next Gospel campaign. We’re going to an extremely remote, unreached and difficult place to do a week long Gospel campaign and we’re expecting thousands to come to Christ. Please pray and consider helping us financially with this campaign. We are still in need of the remaining $25,000 for this trip. In all honesty, raising this much money seems almost impossible, but with God all things are possible!

If you could help in any way possible, we would be so honored to partner with you again on this next trip. All of the finances that come in for these campaigns go DIRECTLY to seeing souls saved at these evangelistic meetings and are tax deductible. You’re partnership is always very much appreciated. We love you and God bless you!

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson










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