March 10, 2018

Dear Ministry Partners,

Tonight was a breakout night for our 2018 Vision-A-Million campaign!  This was by far the largest gathering we have conducted as a ministry and we want to thank you for standing with us as we reap the harvest together near the Middle East.

I’m still waiting for the crowd size number and the decision count from the meeting tonight, but what I can tell you, is this was significantly larger than the largest campaign we’ve ever conducted.  The field was absolutely packed way beyond capacity.  In fact, tens of thousands of people were outside in the surrounding streets as there was not enough room for them to fit in the field. The good news is that our speaker system is very powerful and could be heard clearly over a mile away.  Also, my message was taped by a local television station that will air it on their network which reaches 80% of the homes in this country.

As always, I preached as clear of a gospel message as I know how and the response was incredible. After telling the people a couple of times to only respond to the altar call for salvation if they have never heard the Gospel before, over 80% of the crowd responded, asking Jesus to save them for the very first time.

We also had many people share some amazing healing testimonies:

  • One man came tonight and when we prayed for the sick, he called his brother who was at home and unable to walk for several months due to a stroke.  After the prayer, he told his brother to stand up and walk, and he told us, his brother leaped out of bed and started running around the house!  Praise God!
  • A woman with a golf ball sized tumor on her eye was totally healed.  The tumor was so large it covered her eye and she couldn’t see out of that eye.  After prayer, the tumor vanished and she was totally healed.
  • A woman had severe pain in her feet for the past year.  It was so bad she couldn’t walk without great pain, but tonight after the prayer, she was totally healed and was running around on the stage with me without any pain at all.
  • A woman came tonight who had been tormented and possessed by demons for the past 36 years and was delivered of all the demons tonight and she said she had peace in her soul for the first time in 36 years.
  • A man had severe back pain for the past 11 months and was healed tonight.
  • A man was carried to the meeting tonight on someone’s back because he has had polio for his entire life and was unable to walk.  Tonight, he took his first steps ever and was walking on the stage without any help as his legs began to become stronger and stronger.
  • And so many more!


My friends, I could go on and on about what the Lord did tonight.  But what I am most thankful for, is that Jesus was lifted up and tens of thousands have been added to the kingdom tonight.  My heart is overjoyed.

Please continue to pray for our trip. In just a few hours, I will preach the gospel at the largest church in this country and it will be broadcast live on television here. Also, Monday night, we will do a small festival in an outreach area, helping some small churches reach their neighborhood for Jesus.
We love you and God bless you!

Also, if you would like to donate to this campaign or future campaigns in 2018, please click the ‘DONATE HERE’ button below. We couldn’t do this without our faithful financial partners.

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson






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