March 13, 2018

Dear Ministry Partners,

What an amazing campaign we’ve had near the Middle East!  There are so many things I want to tell you by email and on the internet that I’m not able to for security reasons, but what I can tell you is that the Holy Spirit has moved in great power and a great wave of salvation is sweeping across this country!

On Saturday night, we conducted our largest gospel campaign ever, with just over 200,000 people in attendance.  Hallelujah!  You can watch a video update I did from the field on Saturday night HERE or below.  Sunday morning, I preached the gospel at my friends church here, which has over 25,000 members and is the largest church in this country.  It was promoted as an outreach for their church and as a result, several thousands of people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for the very first time at church on Sunday morning! Praise God!

Also, I did a small street meeting tonight in the streets of the city I’m staying in to help a few churches reach their city with the Gospel.  It was not widely promoted around the city, but we were able to see several hundreds of people receive Jesus Christ tonight as well. We also taped two TV episodes and recorded all my gospel messages which will air on TV all over the country in 80% of the homes here.

As a result of our campaign here, we estimate seeing well over 100,000 souls saved in this campaign!  Hallelujah!  I’ll be able to give you the exact count very soon as we’re still waiting to receive the final decision count. It thrills my heart to see all these people come to Christ and we couldn’t do it without our faithful financial partners like you!

Please consider sowing a gift toward this campaign.  We had a small issue with the bus company we hired to provide free transportation to those who attended.  They actually sent more buses than what we had originally discussed because there were too many people for the buses to carry.  As a result, we ended up spending several thousand dollars more than what we had originally budgeted.  If you still want to sow a seed into this harvest, it’s not too late.  Please consider doing so by clicking the link below or sending a check to PO Box 771102 Orlando, FL 32877.  God bless you for considering this.

Thanks again for standing with us in the harvest!  Together we are seeing Jesus lifted up in the nations and countries are being changed forever with the love and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

P.S. I was so honored to have one of my best friends, Gabriel Castagno who is one of our board of directors, accompany me on this trip. What an honor. 







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