March 21, 2018

Dear Friends,

I just got home from the most fruitful gospel campaign we have ever conducted near the Middle East. As a result of this campaign we saw 145,450 first time decisions for Christ over 3 days of meetings. Praise God! We are rejoicing together with you and with all of heaven at what the Lord Jesus did last week. All the new believers are being followed up by the local pastors and many new house churches will be planted as a result of this campaign.

We go back to this region of the world in May for our next great gospel campaign and we couldn’t be more excited to go back. We’re anticipating an even greater harvest of souls in May as we continue to believe for 1 Million people to come to Christ this year in this region.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare and as we go to these places with the gospel. This region of the world can be very hostile and potentially dangerous, so please pray for peace in this region and for the safety of our team who lives there.

Thank you so much for standing with us financially in the harvest. We couldn’t do it without faithful financial partners like you.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

























































































































































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