May 16, 2018

Hi Ministry Partner,

Tonight was the first night of meetings near the Middle East. Many people ask me on Facebook what country we’re in, but for security reasons, I can’t disclose the name of the country.

Tonight I had the honor of ministering at my friends weekly service here that’s attended by thousands of people from all over the country who often travel by taxi, bus or motorcycle all day to attend the service. This service is a weekly service that has been happening every Wednesday night for years and it’s highly evangelistic and attended by the thousands who come to hear the word of God and receive their miracle.

Tonight I preached on the topic of redemption through the blood of Jesus. As always, I told the people to only raise their hands and stand up if they have never before made a decision for Christ and the response was amazing! Thousands raised their hands and then stood to their feet to receive salvation!  Praise God! I then prayed for the sick, but there wasn’t enough time tonight to take testimonies, due to the time constraints of the local noise ordinance.  However, I’m sure we will hear wonderful testimonies in the days to come.

Saturday night is the main night of our gospel campaign here. We will travel by car more than 4 hours from our hotel to the campaign city and we anticipate the local soccer field we rented for the festival, to be absolutely packed!  Over 700 pastors have joined forces with us to conduct this meeting and it will be the biggest gospel festival this region has ever seen. The pastors and leaders are eager for the meeting to take place and for their churches to be overflowing with new believers to disciple. Please continue to pray for this meeting and for our trip.

We love you and pray for you daily.

God bless you,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson








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