May 13, 2019

Dear Mission Partners,

We just got the decision count in from our crusade last week near the Middle East and as a result of this crusade and our entire time of ministry there, we saw a total of 179,340 first time decisions for Christ! Hallelujah! 

(You can read my report from Day 1 HERE and you can read my report from Day 2 HERE).

We are absolutely overwhelmed by what the Lord has done. My friends, these are the days of harvest! I honestly believe we’re in the greatest days of harvest the church has ever experienced and I’m so glad that we get to be part of the greatest end time harvest in the history of the church.

I’m convinced that we’re nearing the end of this age and that Christ’s return is at hand. Let’s continue to reap the harvest while the harvest can be reaped for our King — King Jesus! 

Now that it’s summer in the Middle East, it’s too hot to do crusades, but we’ll be going back the last week of August for our next crusade. Please continue to pray for these crusades and for God’s favor and protection as we go.

Also, please do consider sowing into these crusades and helping us spread the word about all that God is doing. We have a very large budget to raise for the crusades and we can’t do it without faithful financial partners.

We love you and we thank God for you and for what He is doing near the Middle East!

Together in the harvest,
Chris and Amanda Mikkelson







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