November 20, 2020

We had an amazing turnout last night at the first night of our Orlando SalvationUSA Crusade and a large majority of the crowd responded to the gospel, giving their lives to Jesus Christ! Praise God!

This is the first USA crusade I’ve ever been involved in, where the majority of those in attendance are from an un-churched, non-Christian background. It’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to one of our overseas crusades right here in America, yet when I was preaching the gospel, I could tell people were hanging on to every promise of faith and hope I preached.

When I made the call for salvation, I was shocked at how many hands went up in the air signifying their desire to repent and turn to Jesus. Our official decision count was 105 decisions tonight, but most of the people who came forward went back to their seats right after the prayer for salvation. I believe there was between 300-400 in the altar call for salvation. Tonight we’re going to train our volunteers to do a better job of making sure no one goes back to their seats.

After the prayer for salvation, I began to pray for the sick and many were healed. One young man told me that he came to the meeting from the ER because of major pain he was experiencing in his shoulder and back. Tonight, after the prayer for the sick, he noticed what the doctors couldn’t heal, God healed in one moment. Another woman suffered a heart attack a few months ago which left her right leg without any feeling. After the prayer for the sick, she regained feeling in her leg again. Another woman had severe pain in her knee’s and legs. Tonight, all the pain left and she demonstrated her healing by doing what she couldn’t do before. She left the stage crying and saying she felt free! Praise God! To watch the LIVE video from tonight, click HERE.

Please continue to pray for us and partner with us financially. We’re still believing God for the remaining $10,000 for this crusade. Please pray and do whatever the Lord would have you do financially to partner with us in seeing our nations won to Christ at this critical time in history. You can give online using the link below.

God bless you!
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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