November 21, 2020

We had an amazing night of salvation again last night here in Orlando, FL! Many people came out again and were presented with the Gospel message. I preached a crystal clear Gospel message and made a salvation call afterward. The altar was full of people receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior, many with tears streaming down their faces!

This crusade is the first USA crusade we have done where the majority of people attending are unchurched and unsaved. Other USA crusades we’ve conducted targeted the local churches and their congregants to bring their lost friends and loved ones. While we also implemented working with the local churches, we put a large emphasis on directly getting the unchurched and unsaved to this crusade. During the music and worship time, many people were sitting and it’s a reminder that the majority of these people are completely unchurched. I feel right at home knowing that I’m preaching the Gospel to those that don’t know Jesus.

After the call for salvation, I prayed for the sick and Jesus did many amazing miracles! Here are some of the miracles:
A little girl had an ear infection with severe pain for several days. During the prayer for the sick, all the pain left her ear and she was completely healed!
A woman had severe back pain for 2 months, and after the prayer for the sick, she was completely healed and all the pain left.
A woman who was diagnosed with scoliosis and was in constant pain in her body received a complete and total healing tonight in Jesus’ name!
A woman who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2009 and couldn’t move her arm to touch her shoulder, demonstrated that she was completely healed on stage and shared that all the pain left her body.
Another woman was in a severe car accident and had implants placed in her neck to replace the parts in her neck that were damaged. She wasn’t able to bend her neck in certain ways and always had pain. After the prayer for the sick, she testified that all the pain had left and she could move and bend her neck completely with no restrictions.
Praise God!

Would you partner financially with us on this crusade? We’re still in need of the remaining $10,000 for this crusade. Also, we are wanting to conduct more of these USA crusades and already have several invitations to cities around the country. We are making plans for our next USA crusade soon and would be honored to partner together with you to see America saved! You can give by clicking the ‘donate here’ button below or mail us your gift using the address below.

We will be LIVE streaming this event on my Facebook page and YouTube page again for the 3rd and final night of this crusade. Be sure to tune in!

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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