March 12, 2021

Dear Ministry Partner,

We just got back to our hotel room after an amazing crusade near the Middle East!

It’s now 5am and I’m just now having a chance to write this to you.  This trip has been a miracle trip for sure.  Not only is it a miracle that we could do this crusade during the “covid era” but for many other reasons. First we almost didn’t make it into the country due to a last minute visa issue that we didn’t know about.  As a result, we flew halfway around the world without the proper visa and our visa didn’t get approved until 5 minutes before our flight from Qatar to Pak closed the boarding doors.  We thought we were going to miss the flight, get stuck in Qatar and maybe even get deported, but at the last minute our visas got approved by email!  Hallelujah!

Then there was the rain and weather issues last night that completely flooded the field we were supposed to use and we had to switch fields early this morning.  Then it was a miracle because the city we held the crusade in hadn’t had a crusade in over 30 years of more than 1,000-2,000 people and the city is known for steep witchcraft.  This area is a very rural, village area and only 2% of the population is Christian, but God made a way where there seemed to be no way!

Tonight, when I took the microphone, the Lord showed up in a powerful way.  I preached a message on the power of the blood of Jesus to break every chain and curse over their lives.  When I made the alter call for salvation, almost the entire crowd stood to their feet to receive salvation.  Praise God!!!  I told the crowd several times not to stand if they had already received Christ in the past, yet the majority of the crowd still had never received Christ until tonight. This is why we come.  The greatest gift in the world, the greatest miracle a person can receive — SALVATION through Jesus Christ our Lord!!

After the altar call for salvation, I preached on healing and prayed for the sick. Many people received healing and came forward to testify on stage of how Jesus had healed them.  I also heard several people getting set free from evil spirits when I prayed.  Praise God!

Thank you so much for partnering with us in the harvest!  It’s my greatest joy to know that we’re making an eternal difference on these trips as many people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

So far, since the year 2018, we have seen over 1.3 million people make decisions for Christ. In 2018, the Lord spoke to me about believing Him to see 1 million people come to Christ each year which we call Vision-A-Million. Because of this, we are believing God for 1 million souls each year. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis to link arms with us in the harvest fields, we’re believing God for 300 new monthly partners at $25/month or more.

Maybe some of you would even say, “I could cover 4 of those 300 spots by partnering at $100/month”. Or, maybe you already partner with us monthly and would like to increase your monthly gift. Please pray and consider becoming one or a few of the 300 new monthly partners we’re believing God for or to increase your monthly donation.  You can sow a seed and/or make it a monthly (recurring) gift by using the donate button below and clicking the box that says “Recurring”. If you would like to increase your monthly donation, please reply to this email.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in the harvest!  Lord willing, we’ll be back here for our next crusades in May, August and November of 2021 as we continue our Vision-A-Million Campaign this year. 

Together in the harvest,
Evangelist Chris and Amanda Mikkelson 

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