October 20, 2021

Dear Partners,

I greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus from the nation of Pakistan. Praise God! It’s really a miracle that we’re able to be here right now with everything going on in the world. I emailed you a few days ago to pray for God to give us favor to be able to enter the country and He did just that. I can’t go into detail, but there have many changes to entry requirements. However, God made a way for us to come here, and we had favor every step of the way. God truly is the God of making a way where there seems to be no way. Hallelujah!

We just got back to the hotel from our first pastor’s and leader’s conference that we’ve conducted in this nation in over 4 years, and we had an amazing conference today. The pastors here are such precious people and it’s my joy to be able to pour faith into them and set them ablaze with the Holy Spirit to shake their country for Jesus. Praise God! Many were filled with the Holy Spirit today and I even decided to make an altar call for salvation! To my amazement, we must have had 50 or more people come forward to receive Christ at a Pastors and Leaders conference! I was told later that most of the staff at the venue we rented, came forward in the altar call for salvation and they were not from a Christian background, but from another religion. Praise God!

Also, it was a joy to have my friend, Evangelist Fayyaz Masih speak at the conference today with his brother Shakeel as his interpreter. I’m sure the impact of today’s pastors and leaders conference will reverberate in this community for years to come.

This Friday is our big Good News Festival in Vehari, Pakistan and I’m already being told by one of the most famous Bishop’s in the country that he believes this gospel festival will be the first and largest gospel crusade of its kind in this city. We’re going into a very unreached city that has never had a meeting of this size and magnitude and there are very few Christians there which thrills my heart.

Please pray for a mighty wave of salvation to sweep across Vehari and across this nation. God truly loves these people, and we want to see all of them come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also, tomorrow we will be meeting with some top political and governmental leaders here, so pray for continued favor in this country that the gospel might go forth exponentially in Jesus’ name.

God bless you,
Evangelists Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

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