May 6, 2022

Dear Partner,

It’s been an amazing year so far at Chris Mikkelson Evangelistic Ministries. We’ve already conducted one major crusade in Pakistan and a major crusade in our home town of Orlando, FL and we’ve seen tens of thousands saved so far this year.

Actually so far this year we’ve seen 81,368 people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior just from these first two crusades!  Praise God!  We will be heading back to Pakistan three more times later this year for major crusades in June, August and October and we’re expecting hundreds of thousands to get saved.

In fact it’s very possible that we could surpass the 2 Million Souls mark in our ministry by the end of this year!  So far we’ve seen 1,716,042 souls saved in our crusades since we started the ministry. This figure does not include the thousands of people who have been saved in church services I preach at, or through our TV show, podcast or social media platforms.  Praise God!

One day when we go to heaven, we will be introduced to a vast crowd of millions of people who will have been saved through our partnership together.  Not just us, but you, our faithful financial partners, will also reap the benefits of leading all those people to Jesus.  Some can go to the nations, but others can send and you are doing just that.  Without your partnership, we can’t go and we thank God for you all.  Together we are seeing the masses come to Jesus, we’re ushering them into the local church to be discipled and we’re making a difference around the world.

Here is a testimony of a guy named Dennie who came to our Orlando Crusade: “I’m 48 (years old) and half my life I’ve been in prison and I don’t want to go back…I’ve been trying for so long to get my life together, but I keep backsliding…I want to thank everyone involved in the service yesterday, I got saved.”  Hallelujah!!

This is what’s it’s all about my friends. Dennie’s testimony is just one amazing story, but we heard so many other stories of people who were suicidal and backslidden that got saved in our crusade.  We even heard stories of those who got saved who told us they had never been to a church in their entire lives, but because of this crusade, they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Praise God!

Thank you so much for standing with us financially to do these crusades.  Together we’re making an eternal difference and we just want to say “Thank you!”  Thank you for partnering with us, thank you for praying for us and thank you for standing with us in faith as we continue to plunder hell to populate heaven as Evangelist Bonnke would say.

To give to our upcoming crusades in Pakistan, please click the ‘Invest in the Gospel’ button below and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

God bless you,
Evangelists Chris and Amanda Mikkelson


Mailing a check? Make it payable to CMEM and
mail it to PO Box 771102 Orlando, FL 32877

We are believing for 1 million people to come to Christ per year and have called it Vision-A-Million! The Lord is raising up an army of monthly partners that will help us to see this vision fulfilled! If you want to partner with us at $25/month or more and fill these partner spots to see people come to Christ and see Vision-A-Million fulfilled, partner with us today. We need all hands on deck! It’s harvest time!


Pictured here is our Salvation USA Crusade here in Orlando, FL. This was a
3-night Gospel Crusade in one of the worst cities of Central Florida. We had hundreds of people receive salvation each night and many people receive healing and freedom in Jesus’ name! We also gave away a car, laptops, cellphones, bill pays and many other giveaways to help the community. Our plan is to start holding USA Crusades like this one, in addition to our international crusades, throughout America in inner city neighborhoods.

This was our Pakistan Crusade in March of this year. We saw over 80,000 people make first time decisions for Christ! Praise God! This region had never had an event of this size. This city was always very dangerous as there were a lot of radicals in this area. As always, the light of Christ shined and the darkness was driven away by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This region will never be the same again!

People come excited and hungry for the word of God, the healings and the miracles. The nation of Pakistan is 98% Muslim and 2% Christian and many people come to our crusades out of curiosity and hunger for God. At our Gospel Crusades, we typically see between 75%-80% of the crowd receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. The average cost for one person to come to Christ in Pakistan is just $.78. Isn’t that incredible!? We praise God for all He’s doing in this nation.

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