July 6, 2022

Hi Friend,

I hope you’re well and having a great start to your day! 

Last week on our LIVE broadcast I shared a message titled, “Faith to Recover All’ from 1 Samuel 30. I believe it was a prophetic word from the Scriptures for many who were watching online with us, and I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to touch on that same message. 

Have you ever felt like the enemy came in and took and plundered everything that you had and you didn’t know what to do? My friend, God has a plan for you to recover everything that the devil ever took from your life! The Bible says that “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy”, but aren’t you glad that the verse doesn’t end there? Jesus then goes on to say, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) I’m here to encourage you that no matter what has been stolen, killed or destroyed in your life… You are going to recover it all, in Jesus’ name! 

While on earth, Jesus never promised that we would never go through difficult times. In fact He promised the opposite! In John 16:33, Jesus said “in this world you will have tribulations.” What do you do when all hell is breaking out in your life, and it feels like life is running you over? I want us to quickly go into the Word of God together and see how King David responded to one of the most difficult moments in his life. 

In 1 Samuel 30 we read an account from the life of David when he and his men returned home to find that the Amalekites had raided everything they owned, and had taken captive all of their wives and children. At that moment, David and his men were distraught! Everything they owned, loved and cared about was gone! The Bible says that they “lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep.” (1 Samuel 30:4) Have you ever been through such a traumatic situation that you ran out of tears? In that moment, they must have felt like giving up, but in times like this, God does not want you to give up – He wants you to TURN UP, and you can and will in Jesus’ name! 

How David responds to this event will be a great encouragement to you today, no matter what you are going through. In his most difficult moment, David responded by doing three things: First, David “strengthened himself in the Lord” (30:6), second, he “inquired of the Lord” (30:8a), and third, he obeyed the Word of the Lord to “pursue, overtake and recover all.” (30:8b) You may be in the storm of your life and there’s no one to encourage you. Like David, you might need to encourage yourself! Put your hope in God, believe what He said about you in His Word, speak to your situation by faith, and strengthen yourself! Once you’re strengthened, go to the Lord and inquire of Him and find out what He’s saying in the midst of your circumstance. Don’t run to your friends, don’t run to social media, don’t even meditate on what you’re thinking or feeling… silence every voice, and inquire of the Lord! 

When David strengthened himself in the Lord and inquired of Him, God spoke to him. He told David, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” I want to tell you that it’s God’s will for your life – like David – to recover all that the enemy has stolen from you! It may be a relationship that’s broken to pieces – by faith you are going to recover all! It may be a child of yours that’s no longer walking with the Lord – by faith you are going to recover all! It may be a business that’s taken a nosedive – by faith you are going to recover all! It may be your health that’s failing – by faith you are going to recover all! I believe with all my heart that your full restoration is around the corner, and you’re going to get double for your trouble! Be encouraged… Hear what God is saying… and BY FAITH RECOVER ALL, in Jesus’ name! 

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God Bless You!

Evangelist Chris Mikkelson



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