August 3, 2022

Dear Partner,

I hope you’re doing well. As you know, God has given us an amazing opportunity to reach millions of souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ in Pakistan and we’re seeing the harvest come in by the 10’s of thousands and the 100’s of thousands. It’s been an amazing journey and Amanda and I will be flying back to Pakistan in September and November for more of our gospel campaigns there.

I wanted to share this amazing article that Charisma News recently did on our ministry in Pakistan and the impact we’re having. It’s such an honor to partner with Jesus in reaching people for Him and seeing them get saved and plugged into the local churches. I also added a few testimonies below from some of the local pastors from our last crusade talking about how our crusade impacted their churches.

Please pray for us as we continue to spread the gospel in one of the most dangerous and unreached nations on the planet. And please pray about supporting our September and November crusades financially. We’re believing God for the rest of the finances which will exceed a couple hundred thousand dollars and we don’t know where the funds will come from, but we know our God shall supply all of our needs according to His riches and glory.

Would you prayerfully sow a seed into the harvest? You can do so by giving online below using the DONATE HERE link or by giving through the mail using our PO Box address below.

Thank you once again and enjoy the below article and pastor’s testimonies.

God bless you,

Evangelists Chris and Amanda Mikkelson

Charisma Article: 

Someone recently asked Chris Mikkelson why he chose to focus on evangelizing the predominantly Muslim country of Pakistan. Mikkelson gave a simple response: “It’s where God told me to go.”

Recently, Chris Mikkelson Ministries conducted its 16th crusade in the nation of Pakistan, and the organization’s labors to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hungry people of the Middle East have not been in vain. Over the past two years, Mikkelson says he’s seen over 1 million people receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior during these crusades, and he and his team have also seen multitudes of people healed and countless miracles take place.

Overall, Mikkelson’s ministry, in 30 different crusades, has seen more than 1.7 million individuals receive Christ.

“It seems like yesterday when Amanda (his wife) and I started this ministry by faith with nothing but a word from God to ‘go,'” says Mikkelson, a protégé of Christ for all Nations’ Daniel Kolenda and the late great evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. “As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is where God wanted me to go. That’s how Jesus ran His ministry and so did the apostle Paul. It’s always best to be obedient to the Lord and He will give you great success.

“Joshua 1:8 tells us something that is similar, that when we meditate on God’s Word and are obedient to do what He has said, ‘then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.’ Here, it’s speaking of the written Word of God, but the same principle applies to the Rhema word of God. When we are obedient to God’s direction, He will use our life and make it a success, and God cannot fail.”

Mikkelson and his team’s most recent crusade took place in the city of Dijkot, where more than 76,000 people made decisions for Christ in desert-like heat. Mikkelson says the temperature was a sweltering 117 degrees outside and “when I started preaching, at 9:30 p.m., it was still 104 degrees.

“There is such a hunger in the people,” Mikkelson says. “I truly believe we’re in the middle of the greatest harvest this world has ever seen. Church attendance may be down in some countries, but the churches are being filled and planted by the masses in Pakistan.”

Mikkelson is also spreading the gospel worldwide on Salvation Today TV, which airs on Asia Sat 7 Satellite in 72 countries. He also hosts the Salvation Today podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Mikkelson says he and his team will head back to Pakistan in September and again in November for major crusades and is expecting thousands more salvations among the people of that country who are starving for a move of God.

With 5.33 billion people on earth who are not followers of Christ—3.22 billion of which have never heard the gospel—the harvest is ripe.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

Pastor’s Testimonies From Our Most Recent Gospel Festival In Pakistan:

“I am Pastor Faisal S…, I would like to describe about the crusade which you conducted in Dijkot that was huge and historical. There is no example of this type of crusade before in our city. The majority of population of this area is Muslims.So a huge crowd of Muslim brothers and sisters gathered there. Especially the majority of the people came there and they saw the glory of God with their own eyes. They praised the Lord in their own words. Most of them healed and many of them are under the influence of the word of God.”

“I am Pastor Younas S…, I would like to share that the people who came with us on the bus experienced the strong presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of them got the salvation and many received the healing in the name of Jesus Christ…Now they have been coming in our church. We have been nourishing them from the Word of God”

“I am Pastor Shabir D…, I am so delighted to share that the Dijkot Festival was so blessed. The people who were with us shared that they never seen this type of Glory of the Lord before this. So after that our elders, evangelists met with people in the fields, bazars and on other public places everyone was admiring the crusade because many healed and received the salvation in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.”

“I am Pastor Salamat P…, I would like to share that I feel that was a very fruitful evangelistic crusade because people got their salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. Many healed and most of them were Muslim. We have been doing follow up of all such people who were there to attend the Festival. May Lord bless you more and accept all your sacrifices. We love and respect you very much.”

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