September 17, 2022

Dear Partner,

I just got done preaching our 3rd gospel festival in Pakistan so far this year and it was a glorious night! This was by far the largest crowd we’ve seen in our campaigns so far this year and the people came hungry to receive. I felt strongly to preach on The Power of the Blood of Jesus and the results were astounding! 1 John 1:7 says that, “…the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses us from ALL sin” and tonight it washed over the entire crowd!

Even though it was a very large crowd, there were times you could have heard a pin drop. The people were so engaged with what I was saying, it was as if they had never heard the gospel before and they were hanging onto every word I spoke. The reality is, that a large majority of those in attendance tonight have probably never heard the gospel preached before.

When I made the altar call for salvation, it looked as though a very large majority of the crowd stood to their feet to receive salvation and to have their sins washed in the precious blood of Jesus. Several times I told the crowd to stay seated if they are already a Christian or if they have already received salvation, but even still a large majority of the crowd stood to their feet. Praise God! We will have the totals from the local pastors and leaders here in the next few days, but it was a glorious sight to see. So many hungry people who are open to Jesus. That’s what it’s all about. We just want to bring people to the feet of Jesus.

After the prayer for salvation, we launched a brand new tool for new believers at the crusade. Our ministry is in the process of creating a website just for new believers in Pakistan to have access to the Bible and resources they can use to learn more about following Jesus. We are still in the very early stages of this initiative so the website is very primitive, but it’s a way for everyone who was in attendance tonight to be able to read the Bible and listen to the Bible for free online in their own language.

We’re currently working with the leadership at YouVersion Bible App to use their translation and Bible tools on our website and we’re also working with Global Media outreach to help us with follow-up right from the website for those who have questions about God or want to connect to a local church. I will also be doing teaching videos and have other resources there just for new believers. It’s called and we’re hoping to have the website completed in the next couple of months.

We concluded the meeting tonight by praying for the sick so Jesus could confirm the message with miracles, signs and wonders and He did just that. Many came forward to testify that Jesus had healed them tonight including one woman whose arm was paralyzed for 14 years and a young girl whose arm was also shriveled up for a long time and both were completely healed tonight. Another woman said she was in such pain for years that she couldn’t hardly move. She was in such severe pain that she didn’t want to come tonight, but came anyway hoping for her healing. She said she was just lying on the ground tonight in severe pain, when all of a sudden Jesus healed her and all the pain left her body. Praise God!

There were many, many other testimonies tonight as well, but I don’t have time to write them all. You can watch the entire service, the altar call for salvation and all the healing testimonies on my Facebook page by clicking HERE. I start preaching at 16:30. The video is a little choppy, but this was shot LIVE to Facebook and it’s actually a miracle we’re able to do that in Pakistan. I hope you enjoy it!

You can also view more pictures from the service tonight by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m teaching in a Bible college here in Faisalabad and then Sunday morning I’ll be preaching at a local church in the morning and doing a healing service Sunday night and then I fly home after the service Sunday night. Please continue to pray for our trip and that many would be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Please consider sowing into these crusades. We will be heading back to Pakistan in November for our last crusade of the year and we still have a large amount to raise for this crusade. Your gift will help us continue to see this nation washed in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

God bless you!
Evangelists Chris and Amanda Mikkelson


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