March 12, 2023

Hello Ministry Partner,

I just got back to my hotel room from our gospel campaign here in Pakistan and we had a night of many miracles. On Wednesday night at our Pastor’s and Leaders Conference, we had the largest gathering of pastor’s we’ve ever had! Tonight, we had the most cripples get healed that I’ve ever seen in my ministry! Praise God! ( To watch the Facebook LIVE, click HERE)

We had at least five or six people come forward telling us how they had issues walking properly, from one man with a walker who broke his leg in a motorcycle accident one month ago who got healed and was walking without his walker to a woman who had a stroke 5 months ago who couldn’t walk or talk for 5 months. Tonight, when I prayed for the sick, she was completely healed and was running and dancing on the stage completely healed and speaking perfectly also. Praise God!

We saw a mother and her young daughter (maybe eight years old) come on stage and testify that her daughter had been crippled from birth and couldn’t walk. But, tonight, she was able to start walking under her own power! Another woman testified that she had a major issue with her legs and she hadn’t been able to stand or walk without help from someone else and tonight God healed her.

There were many other testimonies of people being healed, but the greatest miracle of all was the salvation of thousands and thousands of people. We heard reports from people in the crowd that many were crying while I preached the gospel tonight. It was as if there was a very tangible presence of God on the field tonight. We even heard a report from a local pastor who attended the meeting with his teenage son who had been rebelling against God and his parents. Tonight, with tears, he repented of his sins and asked God to forgive him.

When I made the call for salvation, a large majority of the crowd stood to their feet signaling that tonight they wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus and receive salvation. Praise God! This is what it’s all about. As Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke always said, “We want hell empty and heaven full”. Hallelujah!

Thank you so much for sowing into our ministry with your prayers and with your finances. This wouldn’t have been possible without people like you who believe in what we’re doing and want to be part of bringing salvation to the most unreached parts of the world. We have several more crusades planned for later this year in Pakistan and we thank you for standing with us to bring the gospel to one of the most persecuted and unreached nations on the planet. (To see more pictures, click HERE)

God bless you!
Evangelist Chris Mikkelson

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