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What I Do

I’m an international evangelist and the founder of Chris Mikkelson Evangelistic Ministries. I preach the gospel at our large-scale crusades in some of the most remote, dangerous and unreached nations near the Middle East and around the world. Together with my team, we work closely with hundreds of local churches at all of our crusades to ensure proper follow-up and discipleship.

Over the last two years, I’ve seen over 1 million people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in our crusades near the Middle East. Also, we’ve seen multitudes of people healed and countless miracles take place at our crusades and we give all glory to Jesus Christ. I’m also the founder of Salvation Today TV. Salvation Today airs on Asia Sat 7 Satellite in 72 countries and on Charisma Magazine’s Podcast Network. Our program focuses on sharing the gospel, world evangelism, revival, healing and what God is doing in the earth today with a call for salvation and healing at the end of each program.

I also speak in churches and conferences, large and small around the world. My heart burns to see souls saved and Christians revived and equipped to spread the gospel, heal the sick and move in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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World Stats


people currently live on planet earth.

of them are not Christian.

of them are what we call “unreached” meaning they have never heard the gospel before or have very little knowledge of Jesus Christ.


We do mass gospel crusades similar to the ones Evangelist Billy Graham or Reinhard Bonnke did in times past. Our target area is the unreached and most dangerous parts of the world where Christianity is typically 2% or less.

Return On Investment

On average over the last several years, it costs our ministry just $0.70 to see one person come to Christ at one of our gospel crusades.

That’s less than $1 to see 1 soul saved.


At each crusade, we will only go to that particular city if we can get a large majority of the local churches from that city to participate in our crusade. It’s vital we work with local churches to usher all the new believers into the church from the crusade for proper discipleship.

In today’s age of social media, the average person spends up to 11 hours each day looking at a screen. 5 of those 11 hours are watching TV. As a result, we use TV and social media to spread the gospel. Salvation Today, our TV show and podcast, reaches millions of homes around the world which has resulted in countless people coming to Christ. Click HERE for more information about our media ministry.

The average person spends up to 11 hours each day looking at a screen.

5 of the 11 hours are spent watching TV.


At each of our crusades, we pray for the sick as Jesus and His disciples did. When unbelievers encounter the Healer, Jesus Christ, often times their entire family and entire communities come to faith in Jesus Christ. These healings confirm the Gospel message that is preached in Mark 16:19-20.

Decisions Made for Christ


decisions for Christ

Burewala, Pakistan
May 2019


decisions for Christ

Raiwind, Pakistan
September 2019


decisions for Christ

Multan, Pakistan
October 2019

Healing Testimonies

This woman came to one of our prayer festivals. She had a skin disease for over 3 years and had been to every doctor in the region. The doctors prescribed her multiple different medicines and skin creams, but nothing could cure her. Before the prayer festival, she threw out all her medicines and said, "Today, God will heal me at the festival". During the prayer for the sick, all her skin problems were gone and even the scars and wounds on her arms completely vanished that night!

This man was completely healed at one of our festivals after the prayer for the sick. He contracted polio at 6 years old and was immediately crippled and couldn’t walk because of the disease. He was carried to our campaign on someone's back. Here he is walking for the first time in 24 years.

This man was carried to our most recent Gospel campaign a few months ago. He was so sick that he couldn't walk anymore. He suffered from vomiting blood for 5 months straight. The doctors kept giving him medicine, but nothing could heal him. The doctors even told him they could not treat him anymore because there was nothing more they could do for him. Here he is testifying that after the prayer for the sick, all the pain left his body and he can now walk again!

Pastors Testimonies

Pastor Saleem

“I attended this meeting with my whole church and was blessed by his message. There came a great multitude of people (at the crusade) and all were blessed. God used Pastor Chris in a mighty way and because of his message thousands of thousands got saved and healed and we give all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. I also want to tell you that after attending this prayer festival of Pastor Chris, my congregation has doubled in numbers and we are blessed now.”

Pastor Sarwar

“We all went together to Pastor Chris’ crusade. In this meeting all of us were blessed we give all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Before attending this meeting, there used to come 20 families (in my church). And now it has been raised to around 35 families.”

Pastor Shahid

“I want to share that we all here in Raiwind were blessed when Pastor Chris came here in Raiwind to preach the good news. In this meeting, even Muslims were blessed too and experienced salvation. Moreover, God increased our church members. We witnessed great healing and salvation. I’m very grateful to Pastor Chris and I want him to come again for kingdom advancing here in Pakistan."

Pastor Vicky

“I’m thankful to God for Pastor Chris’ crusade. Many people experienced salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Moreover, after this meeting, our church grew miraculously and increased and new members starting coming to our church."

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