This woman came to one of our prayer festivals. She had a skin disease for over 3 years and had been to every doctor in the region. The doctors prescribed her multiple different medicines and skin creams, but nothing could cure her. Before the prayer festival, she threw out all her medicines and said, "Today, God will heal me at the festival". During the prayer for the sick, all her skin problems were gone and even the scars and wounds on her arms completely vanished that night!

This man was completely healed at one of our festivals after the prayer for the sick. He contracted polio at 6 years old and was immediately crippled and couldn’t walk because of the disease. He was carried to our campaign on someone's back. Here he is walking for the first time in 24 years.

This man was carried to our most recent Gospel campaign a few months ago. He was so sick that he couldn't walk anymore. He suffered from vomiting blood for 5 months straight. The doctors kept giving him medicine, but nothing could heal him. The doctors even told him they could not treat him anymore because there was nothing more they could do for him. Here he is testifying that after the prayer for the sick, all the pain left his body and he can now walk again!